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From nowhere to now here.

27 July 1983
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Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever .

20 something hopeless romantic hailing from Brisvegas, Australia.

Owner of 3 pet rats: Nahla, Ari & Simi.

Accounts clerk for multi-national accountancy firm.

Some-time WoW gamer chic; characters Kiyah & Seraphyn on Proudmoore, Kiarii on Barthilas.

Glasses needing, contact lense wearing pierced & tattooed brunette, who said red heads have the most fun?

Penchant for chocolate, a good cup of coffee, supernatural themed movies/tv shows/books especially anything vampire related, shopping and romance novels. Latest fandoms include the tv show Supernatural & the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer. Edward Cullen fangirl!

I’m still searching for my identity and my place in life, but the journey is just the beginning.

Most people come into our lives and quickly leave.
It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts, and we are forever changed.

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